Hand tattoos

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Many people make tattoos on their hands. That place is really popular among the tattoo fans. That is because it is convenient for tattooing. You could show it or hide it any time you want. And here are the appropriate and inappropriate places for a hand tattoo.


The armpits are not a good idea for a tattoo. First of all an armpit tattoo does not look well at all. Second – it might cause problems with the lymph nodes. And third – it is a really tough place for tattooing.


The shoulders are really convenient for tattooing. People usually tattoo there middle-sized drawings or decorative motifs. But a shoulder tattoo could be also combined with the other part of the hand. For example you could tattoo the main motif on your shoulder and continue the drawing on your hand or on your back.


That place is really popular for tattooing. Most of the tattoos there are small. But some people prefer the big ones and that is why they make tattoos on their whole hand, the so called “sleeve tattoos”.

Inner part of the hand

The inner part of the hand is a good place for tattooing too, but it is not so frequently seen. Although you could choose an interesting tattoo design for that place.


That is a small place for a tattoo, but it is popular. Usually people choose floral motifs, bracelets or little figures for their wrists. Such tattoos are mostly preferred by women. They could be hidden very easily by a watch for example.

Fingers and palms

These body parts are usually used for the tattooing of inscriptions or numbers. Some tattooists refuse to tattoo the fingers and the palms, because the tattoos there do not last long. That is because the skin there renovates all the time and the tattoo blurs very easily.




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