For the tattoos. Part 2

Image: © Mein Name / Fotolia

More and more women decide to show courage and to make a tattoo on a more visible place – in the upper back.


By presumption it is believed that women make only small tattoos that are easy to cover.


Increasingly, however, women want to make their tattoo as an adornment – it is larger and more visible.


Very popular place became the shoulders and the area below the neck. The elongated assemblages and floral motifs are really beautiful. Some ladies make animalistic images – from butterflies to dolphins: it’s all a matter of taste.


The tattoos on the legs are another very popular type among the women. The delicate flowers and eastern assemblages, twisted from the foot to the calf (in different variations) and those on top of the foot make the legs incredibly beautiful.


They make the feet look extremely graceful – whether the drawing is colored or black.


Here we must warn you, however, that the feet and ankles are quite a painful place for the needle – if you decide that two or three flowers are the perfect ornament for your foot, you should be aware that you will bear a certain amount of pain.


The wrist as the ankle is another place where you can paint something gentle (well to remember “gentle.” The wrist is a place that is exposed on display at all times and in a lot of situations the thick “spiky” tribal that shows underneath your sleeve may play a bad joke on you).


Many girls have decided to write a phrase that has meaning for them – the language and font are completely individual.


These tattoos can have a shape of bracelets or assemblages. You have the absolute choice – just be careful with the size.


Tip: Of course, everyone has the complete freedom when choosing a location for making pictures, painted with ink.


There are areas, however, which are not particularly suitable for a female tattoo from a purely aesthetic point of view.


Above all, the ladies’ tattoos should beautify and enhance the femininity of their possessor, so think twice if you have decided to make a huge tribal on the whole back, tattoos of the “sleeve” type, thorny assemblages à la Pamela Anderson or roses on the chest: you risk to turn the effect into a defect.




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