For the tattoos. Part 1

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The world of the tattoos has changed a lot. Learn what the hottest trends in the women’s tattoos are.


Over the past ten years, the world of the tattoos has changed enormously.


The opinion that the only ones who paint their bodies are the pirates, prisoners, punks and seamen whose shoulders provide the most detailed information about their love life and exactly which year they loved a particular woman vanished forever and unconditionally.


Nowadays anyone can get a tattoo. From a mark of a lower social status or rebelliousness, the tattoo has become an ornament, a sign of individualism and even a symbol of what is most dear and important to its owner.


The taboo that the tattoo is a “man’s thing” also collapsed with tremendous force.


The contemporary girls get tattooed just as bravely as men. And, let’s admit, if selected properly, the female tattoo can be a true work of art on the gentle body of its proud owner.


It is autumn. This is the best time for making a tattoo and if you are from those who barely waited for the hot sun rays to soften their impact on the skin, and you are about to head to the studio, take a look at the written below.


The types of tattoos (including the women’s) are innumerable, and the diversity is infinite. Without trying to systematize the millions of different images, we decided to give you a few little tips on where and what is the most appropriate to paint on your body.


The choice of course remains yours.


The places where women can make a tattoo are thousands.


In fact, anyone can make a tattoo exactly where he wants. But since the women’s bodies are different from the male, the tattoos and the places must be consistent with this peculiarity.


For example, the located in the lower back tattoos are much more suitable for women, and therefore have turned in the most popular among them.


If you have decided to make a floral or tribal guilloche pattern at the base of the spine, you can be sure that the image will fit perfectly. But you should be aware that this is the most commercial tattoo and there is a huge danger at the beach to meet at least 10 girls with similar images at the same place.


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