For or against piercing when a woman is pregnant

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During pregnancy, the woman’s body goes through many changes. It is recommended that women do not pierce their bellybutton, nipples, breasts and genitals during pregnancy. That is because of the physiological changes that the body undergoes during this period. As the breasts and the belly grow, the perforated body parts can not fully heal, they often enlarge themselves and are more inclinable to infections.

If you already have a piercing, it has healed and you feel comfortable with it, there is no medical reason for it to be removed during pregnancy. Its removal might become necessary only if it teases or scratches your skin, or hooks to your clothes because of the growing of the belly or the breasts.

While making your piercing, ask the specialists to tell you how to treat the perforated place until its healing. You should also know what to do to avoid tearing of the skin and how to protect yourself from infections.

When you are choosing a studio, make sure that it has the necessary license, that it follows hygienic rules and that they use sterilized equipment and jewels. It’s also important to know if in cases of some kind of complications, you will get the right help from them in time.

When do you have to remove the piercing?

  1. In case that your piercing is not healing, you should wait until you are done with the pregnancy and make it after that.
  2. If the perforated place teases your skin, has purulence, inflammation or it is bloodshot, it is better to remove the piercing.
  3. If you intend to breastfeed and you have nipple piercing, you must remove it. The jewel might be swollen by the baby or cause an infection.

Are there any health risks by the making of a piercing?

There are some risks. In case you do not take good care of the piercing, an infection might occur. There is also a possibility of contagions like hepatitis B or C, or HIV if the instruments that had been used for the piercing were not sterilized.


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