Do the tattoos have a meaning?

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Many people perceive the tattoo only as a beautiful drawing and never think about the meaning that it has. Even if they have a tattoo, they do not give it any particular meaning. For them it is just an aesthetically beautiful element on their body.

Here is what some tattoos mean. The cross tattoo symbolizes life, immortality, spirit. The eye tattoo symbolizes protection from the evil eyes. The tattoo of a skull means danger and death, but it is used only as a decoration without any meaning. Nowadays the spider tattoo is considered as a mark of some social groups of prisoners or drug addicts. In the past, though, the spider image symbolized wisdom and a protection for people’s faith from the evil.

You should know the exact meaning of the ritual and religious symbols, before you decide to tattoo them on your body. That is because they may exert influence on your aura. And one more thing about these symbols – they should not be seen. If you would like to have such a tattoo, choose a hidden place for it. Do not tattoo symbols on your hands or face.

Some of the oldest tattoos are the animal tattoos. They were tattooed in the past as a symbol of the spirit of nature. But now they have lost their old meaning. Today the tattoos of eagles, leopards and tigers mean strength, freedom and power.

The snake tattoo has always had a particular meaning – it embodies wisdom, sinfulness.

Neutral by their meaning are the flower tattoos. They are preferred by many women.

The butterfly and moth tattoos symbolize freedom and free spirit. They express good emotions. Such emotions could be expressed also by a cat tattoo, but only if it is not with an open mouth.

You could find any kind of tattoo designs. But it is really important to know that a tattoo could describe the personality very well. Tattoos can express aggression (the knife tattoo for example) or peacefulness and kindness (dolphin or crane tattoo). So be careful when you choose a tattoo, because some day you may give the wrong impression to someone.

If you do not want your tattoo to symbolize anything, you could always choose an abstract tattoo which will decorate your body perfectly.


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