Contraindications to tattooing

Image:©Sergejs Rahunoks/Fotolia

Before going to the tattoo salon, it is really important that you are sure that you do not have any medical conditions that will make the tattooing dangerous for you.

Skin diseases, like acne (if you would like to tattoo a place of your body which has acne), if you are inclined to scarring, collagen, psoriasis and other similar diseases. In such conditions, you should put off the tattooing if you do not want your disease to get worse. The other option is to consult your dermatologist and follow his advises on how to cure the disease. If you do not do that, you are risking your health and your appearance. Just imagine how a tattoo on such a skin disease will look like.

In addition to the skin diseases, another contraindication to tattooing is diabetes, bad blood coagulation, bronchial asthma, HIV and reduced immunity. People who suffer from such diseases must consult their doctor before making any decisions. He might give you some advises on how to do the tattooing or he might explain why you should not do it.

Here is another category of people who must keep back from tattooing. These are the pregnant women. The duration of the pregnancy is not so long and you could put off going to the tattoo salon for 9 months. The skin damages have a dangerous effect on your health when you are pregnant. After all, your child is a good reason for taking care of yourself through that period. If you want a tattoo so badly, there is an option for you – make a temporary one with henna. It looks as good as the real one, but it is harmless to your skin.



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