Applying of the tattoo on the skin

Image:© mario beauregard/Fotolia

When all the equipment is prepared, your skin is disinfected and the tattoo design is defined, that is when the moment of truth comes. The tattooist puts on some disposable gloves and starts his work. First of all he sketches the image that you have chosen on your skin. Then he starts tattooing. People who already have tattoos compare the pain of tattooing with the pain from the insect bites. Nowadays, the new technology allows the tattooing to be a much less painful process than it was before.

First step – the tattooist makes the contours of the drawing with a bright and saturated color.

Second step – the tattooing starts. There is no bleeding during the tattooing, because the new technology does not allow the tattoo machine to go deep under the skin and affect the capillaries. In order to make the lines thicker, the tattooist changes the tattoo machine with another one, which is more appropriate for such thick lines. The machine has many setting options for the color saturation, the size of the lines and the closeness to particular tattoo parts.

In the process of working the tattoo artist puts some Vaseline on the client’s skin, because it softens the skin and protects it from rubbing. It also helps the paint to go in the right place.

It is important that the tattooist does not touch any needless objects during his work. Some hygiene rules must be followed. If there is contact between the artist’s gloves and an object which is not disinfected, their sterility will be immediately spoiled. In case the tattoo machine falls on the ground, it must be cleaned or replaced. The tattooist should have a replacement for all his instruments.

In case the figure of the tattoo is big, it might take a few more sessions for it to be finished. The maximum timing of one session is four hours. Even if the tattoo is not so complicated, it might take more time. We all know that tattooing is an art and a work of art takes a lot of effort to be beautiful and qualitative.


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